Thursday, February 25, 2021

Review: Ben & Jerry's PB Over the Top

Day 351 of quarantine and I felt like I could use some excitement. You can only imagine my delight as I read that Ben and Jerry’s has released a new flavor lineup of their “Topped” flavors. Now 7 new flavors are a lot to wrap my mind around and since the pandemic has not been especially kind to my waistline, it was time to call in reinforcements.

Lucky for me, I am in an active group chat with more than one dessert connoisseur. I asked that we all pick one of the flavors from the lineup to share a quick review so we could expedite the required research and maximize the limited time availability of the best new flavor.

One flavor stood out at the top of my list and I was all too willing to help my husband eat the pint he picked. PB Over the Top has chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirls & peanut butter cups topped with mini peanut butter cups and chocolatey ganache. The description has so many things that I love in one container so I was dying to see if this lived up to the hype.

Opening the lid, my mind was blown; the top looked busier than I-95 North on a weekday at rush hour. As someone who likes to save the best for last, I felt trepidation as to how this was all going to go. All of this was quickly washed away after taking just one bite of the chocolate ganache. The peanut butter cups were alright, but so small that they only really added texture – but the ganache? So rich and delicious and from there I was sold on the flavor.

The chocolate ice cream is what you’d expect from any Ben and Jerry’s flavor, but this has the addition of the peanut butter swirls which certainly helped. Whatever was lacking in the peanut butter cups was made up for by the very strong peanut butter ribbons in the pint. Overall, I enjoyed this tremendously and I would buy it again.

The only two critiques I could think to give this would be the distribution of the absolute best part of the pint which you have to eat through immediately at the top, but also the texture. The peanut butter ribbon was rock hard through the entire time we ate it, making it incredibly hard to scoop. Perhaps the plain ice cream under the ganache would be better suited for an ice cream cone, but with a spoon it takes some real muscle to sort that out.

Ame Rating: 9/10

My amazing husband’s review: Alright, late review of PB Over the Top time. Pros: Top part where the chocolate topping mixes with the PB ice cream is excellent, mini Reese’s cups really liven it up Cons: you work through the topping part pretty fast and the underlying PB ice cream alone is a little bland, hard to evenly spread out the chocolate topping across the pint

Bri Rating: 7.4/10

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