Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Review: McDonald's Snickerdoodle McFlurry

For some reason, my Fiancé and I have picked up the most amazing habit, one of running to McDonald’s for ice cream when we’re in need of a good dessert. Back in college when I did Weight Watchers, the hot fudge sundae was a reasonable splurge – clocking in at less than 400 calories while being insanely delicious and I think that’s when the addiction truly started. Our closest McDonald is in Greenwich and like everything else in that town, it’s luxury through and through. 

When you walk inside you can order from the computerized screens avoiding all human interaction and all of the seating is brand new. The exterior looks like something you’d see on HGTV. None of this sways us to swing by more than we otherwise would, but it certainly makes the experience feel a little more upscale and warranted.

On a Friday night after a restaurant reserved for special occasions, we decided to save ourselves the $16 on what would likely be an inferior dessert and to go to the Golden Arches. We both love a good McFlurry and I had read a few months back that there would be a limited time Snickerdoodle variety.

To be honest, I had no idea what a Snickerdoodle was besides a type of cookie that I’ve never looked at twice. There’s no chocolate or peanut butter in it and I always think it sounds very vanilla, but McDonald’s rarely has limited time McFlurry flavors so to avoid a lifetime of regret I decided to go for it.

Even after eating this, I had to google what Snickerdoodle is. McDonald’s describes this as creamy vanilla soft serve with snickerdoodle topping mixed throughout – so I guess that is a “bring your own understanding” type of description. In digging deeper, it has pieces of sugar cookies, cinnamon and white chocolate pieces in the mix.

I have a very new relationship with white chocolate, having only started to like it in the last year or two but I can tell you upfront this was the best part of the entire thing. The chips added a chewy element which balanced out the mixture a bit and added some sweetness. The cinnamon and cookie mix made the topping seem like a powder in each spoonful and I found the taste to be reminiscent of a zesty holiday candle. The cookies themselves were very dry and sharp while eating.

Beyond scratching some belated holiday curiosity, I can’t recommend this Mcflurry knowing there are m&m’s and hot fudge on offer. It’s possible that McDonald’s did a disservice to snickerdoodle lovers and I’ve been misled to think they’re awful, but I can tell you that I’ll never pick up a snickerdoodle cookie again if it can be avoided. And if you’re wondering, yes I still ate the entire thing.

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