Thursday, January 9, 2020

Chutni Biryani & Noodle Bar, Stamford, CT

For no specific reason whatsoever, I have probably had Indian food less than 10 times in my entire life, so it’s really an exciting pleasure to be able to write this review. It’s strange, because I actually really do enjoy this particular cuisine, but it’s only on a very rare occasion do I find myself in the position to have it. Even when I am picking where to eat, the Indian restaurants I seem to frequent are so light on vegetables and so heavy on the breads and rice that it just seems like an unlikely contender.

Now you can say what you want about Stamford, but there really are so many interesting lunch options. When my coworker suggested Chutni Biryani & Noodle Bar I was intrigued for having walked by it countless times. As explained to me, this restaurant is eclectic in their menu, with Indian, Indo-Chinese and ramen options so it definitely had me wondering.

Walking into the space, I immediately liked it. The inside is clean, bright and quiet. I went for lunch on a Thursday and it started to fill up towards the end of my meal, another good sign. The service was extremely prompt and nice, even being coy in explaining that the medium heat items may be very hot for some.

It was true that the menu had all three cuisines and between the variety of options and my lack of knowledge surrounding certain sauces and dishes, I just stuck with my favorite – chicken korma. For those readers with same level of knowledge surrounding Indian cuisine as I generally have, korma is a saffron cashew curry and I often find the creaminess of the sauce to be velvety with incredible depth from the spices used.

In ordering, we were asked if we wanted the lunch special and we both said yes. With that, we were able to each pick our preferred type of naan bread and there were more than a handful of options. To get my coworkers to stay away from me this afternoon, I went with the garlic naan and boy was I glad that I did. This bread came out, draped in butter, garlic and herbs and it was as hot and fresh as one could ever hope for. The naan was thin and heavenly. I imagine you have to eat it there in person for the full effect, but I would go back there just for the bread if nothing else.

When my meal came out, this korma was quite a bit more yellow in color than any other korma that I’ve ever had which made sense when I realized that the curry taste was far stronger in this dish than I usually expect. The other thing to note was that the chicken in my dish was all dark meat, with no vegetables to be found and as I am not a rice eater – of which they generously gave us an incredible amount, it wasn’t the perfect lunch order for me.

It should be mentioned that the entire heaping portion only cost $10.99 so the value was quite good. That said, I’d like to go back and order from the regular menu to try something else, because the majority of this restaurant experience was quite good and I wonder if the regular meals, which are about double in price have better quality meat or fresh vegetables.

Chutni Biryani & Noodle Bar
211 Main St, Stamford, CT 06901

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