Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nuts about Fudge Covered Nutter Butters

In this modern day and age, there are a lot of things that are easy to take for granted. Between the constant stimulation from our smartphones, the constant need for validation on social media and a global world where news happens and is shared 24/7, 365 - it’s really easy to have high expectations when it comes to most things. Think about it, when’s the last time that you and all of your friends went out for plain vanilla ice cream? For me, that’s what happened to the Nutter Butter; a faithful friend from my childhood who never once disappointed me, lost somewhere up on the proverbial shelf to Frankenstein types of junk food, more outrageous than the last.

The good news for me? I have an awesome roommate; one who not only tolerates me, but who also surprises me on occasion with some of my favorite things and a few nights ago, it was no exception. Not only is Nutter Butter still churning out Old Faithful, but in keeping with the times, there is now a chocolate coated version. I love peanut butter, but 100 percent of the time, I will pick a dessert with peanut butter AND chocolate, so this is right up my alley.

Walking in after a long day to find a box of these cookies next to patriotic flowers, all I could think was God Bless America – the land where you can take a dessert and make it even more dessert-y. 

The box itself is vibrant, the picture calling me in. It’s amazing that two of these cookies are only 180 calories. Seems pretty reasonable as a dessert if you ask me.

Opening up the box, I was a little sad to see that there were only 12. I love to share, but this means that I would have six cookies, which isn’t a whole ton. Only thing left to do was to dig in and WOW, were these good!

If I had to compare the cookies to anything, it would be a less sweet version of Girl Scout Tagalongs, one of my favorite cookies of all time. 

The chocolate coating is thick and there is enough peanut butter in between that you could separate the cookie like it is an Oreo and enjoy two halves. 

The chocolate coating has a real texture to it, meaning it isn’t uniformly coated - in a good way, allowing for some bites to be heavier with the peanut butter and others with the chocolate.

The only negative to these cookies at all is that there are so few in the box. You can see in the tray that they need some space, probably to avoid melting and getting stuck together, but two is simply not enough to not want more. I’ll be buying these cookies again to be sure. Try them and you’re welcome!