Friday, August 17, 2018

The Stamford Restaurant Chronicles: ZAZA Italian Gastrobar

With my new dedication to eat my way through Stamford’s food offerings, it gave me the perfect excuse to go to my second favorite restaurant in this town - Zaza’s. I really love everything about this place and with that lens, I may be a bit biased here – but that’s the beauty of writing my own blog. The devil may care, but I do not.

My friend Ali is always good for a trip to Zaza and half a bottle of red wine, so on a Thursday night without a reservation we arrived at 7:15 and were seated immediately. I remember a few years ago that the restaurant was considerably more packed at dinner, so hopefully this isn’t an indication that it’s falling out of favor.

The atmosphere is generally really trendy and appealing in a way a bistro in NYC would strike me. On this occasion, the weather outside was extremely hot and the temperature was in no way moderated on the inside either. It was fine for a girl’s dinner, but if it was a date situation you might find yourself displeased with how sweaty everyone would be before the entrée was delivered to the table. The other thing that struck us as weird was the abundance of red lighting. You can see in this picture it was on the next level.

We started our meal off with a bottle of wine and the host was very welcoming in discussing the options available. The tables are communal, with only a small divider allowing for communication with other parties if both groups should desire.

As an appetizer, we ordered roasted truffle sprouts which are Brussel sprouts in a honey truffle sauce topped with almond slivers. When I come here, I always order this and it’s such a delectable balance of deeply fried greens with a sweet and savory sauce. To be frank, after my meal I experienced something close to a belly ache and that was likely from the decadence of this app, but almost entirely worth it.

For my meal, I ordered the Rosemary Wild Salmon described as using Lemon and rosemary infused oil, served with sautéed spinach and roasted potatoes. I am not a big potato girl, so I asked for double spinach. The spinach itself also struck me as considerably fried so the entire meal tasted delicious. Salmon was cooked perfectly and I ran out of room before I was able to eat as much of the meal as I wanted.

It’s always a homerun at Zaza’s.

Zaza Italian Gastrobar
122 Broad St
Stamford, CT 06901

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