Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Stamford Restaurant Chronicles: Fin II

After 8.5 years of working in the same suburban office park in the northern corner of Stamford, my office has finally moved. Nearly everything about the office’s new location is a pain, with the exception of one thing; the plethora of restaurant options now available to me for lunch. No more being forced into spending $9.50 at the pathetic Riverbend Cafeteria for me, no sir. Also, it really helps that our new office is under construction with no refrigeration available so there’s no guilt to be felt for the additional reckless expense of dining out in the middle of the day.

Walking around downtown, there are dozens of food options to choose from along with plenty of temporary art statues on the street to play around with. At our old location, I would exercise every day during my lunch break, so there’s a real novelty to getting out of the office mid-day for a new experience. All smiles here.

Now working over on Broad Street and not feeling brave enough to endanger myself by going to Curly’s Diner, my colleague and I settled in Fin II because I am preferential to Sushi when I can. We came here on a weekday for their lunch special and I settled on their salmon poke bowl with brown rice and spicy ponzu sauce. I am generally a huge fan of Poke and was surprised to see the long list of ingredients in the dish. I asked that they leave off the kidney beans and tobiko. Honestly, kidney beans at an Asian restaurant? A quick google search and I now know that kidney beans are native to Peru. Very strange.

The salmon itself was actually quite good and the spicy ponzu sauce was on point.. Normally, I am not a big mango fan but the waitress remembered my order in her head, without pen and paper so I was afraid the third omission might have made for some sort of error. Another thing to note is that this dish is not available on their online menu at this time. My coworker, who came with me was given avocado without asking for it and subsequently charged an additional $1.00.

The interior of the restaurant is dark and on the worn side and the restaurant was one notch above feeling grossed out about the cleanliness for me. That being said, the service was efficient and exactly what you would be looking for during a 1 hour lunch break.

The lunch cost $13.99 plus tax and tip, but the portion was on the large side and I had plenty of rice left over when I was done. I would go back because of how convenient the location is, but I'd likely order something different.

Fin II
219 Main St
Stamford, CT 06901

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