Monday, April 16, 2018

Blizzard to Recover from the Blizzards: Jurassic Peanut Butter Chomp

What do Pluto, the 1980’s and the heat of the Summer in Stamford, CT all have in common? They’re all so impossibly far away that you can barely conceive them in your mind. Dairy Queen, an apparent optimist, does not care about the fact that it has been several months of darkness and consistently spaced nor’easters and instead they are marketing their Summer Blizzards.

This past Saturday we were graced with a sunny day that dared to approach the low 70’s and that felt like a reason to get out and celebrate. Coincidentally, my idea of a celebration is to head to that Big Red Barn and to wait in line behind a dozen other people for the antidote to my seasonal depression; a Blizzard and a red spoon.

Stamford’s Dairy Queen is hit or miss this time of year because the proprietor closes down for the winter months and seems to operate on a schedule during the weekday lunch rush on a willy nilly basis but on this day I was in luck.

I don’t pride myself on being a Jurassic Park fanatic, because I believe that the world already has more than enough of those – but I’ll tell you what I continue to be obsessed with and that’s peanut butter. The “Jurassic Chomp Blizzard Treat” is described as a “blizzard with Colossal choco dipped peanut butter bites and fudge topping blended with creamy DQ vanilla soft serve into perfection”. Perfection is a lofty adjective but allow me to explain below how that is completely accurate.

The ice cream was as good as always with the ingredients all “blizzed” together in consistent ratios but the real star here is what I would call the buckeye candies, which have never been included in a Blizzard of the Month previously. The candies were far more sweet than they were creamy, so I suspect a person who is ambivalent about peanut butter but enjoys sweet chocolate would still be quite happy with the order. The vanilla ice cream was graced with chocolate ribbons throughout that were as ganache-like as hot fudge, so each bite of the entire blizzard had something to enjoy.

Going to go out on a limb here and declare that this is my favorite Blizzard of the Month that DQ has ever had. Previous peanut butter limited time offerings were too one-noted; all peanut butter and lackluster in the plain bites. Also, something should be said for eating 380 calories here guilt free because the weather has me feeling like bathing suit season is light-years away.

Want to take a chomp out of your Seasonal Affective Disorder? Go get yourself one of these Blizzards while they’re still available.

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