Monday, June 5, 2017

New: Reese's Stuffed with Crunchy Cookies

That Summer in high school that I spent taking Driver’s Ed at 8am, the three hours I spent watching the movie “La La Land” and that time that I finally found Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Big Cups and accidentally left them locked overnight in a hot car; all of these instances have something in common and that something is BAD. You can only imagine how delighted I was on an overnight trip to Philadelphia to walk into a Wawa and after weeks for searching my local CVS laying my eyes on these big orange cups. Reese’s is my “go to” confectionary of choice and while they do say that you can’t mess with perfections, I am even more in love with the cups with the Reese’s Pieces inside of them, so my mind was as open as my mouth about these new ones.  

Getting back into the car the day after my purchase, the cups were melted beyond repair and blogging about them would have been as successful as posting a review about the types of dog poop that my condo neighbors never pick up by my car so I waited and I waited and waited. A few weeks later I was down at the shore with my family on a trip that largely revolves around which one of us frequents the local Wawa more (the Champ is here) and I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass me by yet again.

To be sure, these limited edition cups come in both the regular size as well as the King Sized packaging and since I am known in dessert circles far and wide as the Dessert King, then I wasn’t going to settle on that small sh!t. The cups are described as your traditional Reeses with the addition of “bits of crunchy chocolate cookie”. When I first heard of these a couple of months ago, I let my mind believe what it wanted to and thought it would be actual cookie DOUGH bits and that would have been best case scenario. Allowing my reading comprehension to catch up with my dessert fantasies, I was a little less excited than from the jump.

Each package contains two cups and 380 calories which is pretty substantial for a dessert that I can’t imagine anybody would share or “save half for later”. I do believe that I read that the regular cups come in at about 200 calories for both cups but you’re getting less chocolate and less peanut butter and I am sure you’d be sorry for that alone.

Opening the packaging, I was immediately hit with the smell of rich and overly sweet peanut butter which is consistent with the traditional variety. I did quite enjoy the look of these as even upon first glance, you can see the cookie pieces flirting with the top layer of chocolate letting you know that you’re in for something special.

The sides of the peanut butter cup were sturdy and rich and while the cup was melty from the weather alone, the texture of the chocolate on the edges was still quite nice. The cookie pieces were abundant and provided a real enhancement to the overall texture experience. For me, I couldn’t detect any additional chocolate flavor from the cookies beyond the outside of the chocolate but I did however notice that these were sweeter than the regular variety in a way that was more positive than negative.

To be frank, I was one margarita and two red wines deep when I ate them but I do remember saying these would be my new obsession and committing to eat these as often as possible. Being sober now, I truly enjoyed them just maybe not as much as I love the Reeses Pieces Filled King Cups because the more Reeses products in one sitting, the better by my standards.