Friday, April 8, 2016

When Your Blog is Back In Town Just in Time: Ben & Jerry’s Brownie Batter Core

Like a retired woman who heads into work voluntarily without a care in the world, no longer having to write my blog for my "Life’s To Do List" – I feel the nostalgic pang for an excuse to eat junk food with an actual justified purpose. Long lost are the days when I would write into my planner release dates for Taco Bell’s newest Chalupa or a Free Ice Cream Cone Day at Baskin Robbins for the sake of spreading the word electronically. 

Here’s the thing though; I fell in love with writing this blog and enjoyed each and every shared experience I had with people that stemmed from it. Life’s flying by too fast to only think about picking this back up at my own pace. Last year so many people provided wonderful suggestions or even went as far as to mail me obscure food items (hello Justin and your cricket bars - thank you). Last year this blog had over 4,500 page views and in my humble opinion, food is just one more way to connect with people as we make another trip around the sun, so buckle up because I’m back.

If you’ve ever read even one of my posts, then you know that hands down Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is my favorite brand of ice cream in existence, so pardon my rose colored glasses. While I am not insane for their continuous effort to push their social agenda on consumers, I am so mesmerized by their creativity and quality that I can overlook this persistence. Like a lover with a too loud laugh, or a favorite pair of pants with a zipper that always gets stuck – the right level of enchantment can assist in overlooking nearly anything. 

While I’ve fallen asleep on the blogging job, the good people of Ben & Jerry’s have continued to expand their line of “Core” ice creams. In February of this year, a couple of new flavors were added to their line up and I have been religiously looking in each and every freezer I walk by ever since. Based on purely happenstance, last Friday I was lucky enough to walk into a gas station with a microscopic freezer and to my delight – there it was: Ben & Jerry’s Brownie Batter Core.

The pint contains chocolate and vanilla ice creams with fudge brownies and a brownie batter core. Like anyone with a brain, I love brownies and generally speaking their Half Baked ice cream blows my mind, but when I first heard about this new flavor, I read the description and was a little disheartened by the lack of innovation. This ice cream flavor sans core is just like Half Baked minus the cookie dough, which is always a welcome addition. With that, I went into this cautiously optimistic. 

Opening the lid, I was happy to see that I had immediate access to the core. Last year, a few of the core pints required me to eat the ice cream just to get to the filling in the center and while that’s no big deal, these pints require a certain distribution mechanism so you get some core and some ice cream into each bite for the best experience. If you wait too long or you get overzealous in eating the core, then you will find yourself eating some straight up plain, premium ice cream corelessly. It’s an art and I’ve mastered it. I was feeling pretty happy that all of my tools were here to get this right in plain sight.

Hagen Daaz fans, I love you but be damned. As per me, B&J has the best premium tasting chocolate and vanilla ice cream and the purity of these flavors shined through for me. The brownie pieces were just fine. They weren’t rock hard and frozen which I appreciated, but they were definitely on the B team of ingredients here because everything else was so damn good.

The true star? The brownie batter core. I’ll type this and you’ll trust me – think brownie flavored liquid hot fudge in the center of a pint. The allotment was generous and it went perfectly with the vanilla ice cream. I would guess that unless you’re a chocoholic, the brownie core on the chocolate ice cream may be a bit much for you. It was lovely, but not for the faint of heart. The center of this pint was amazing and I would buy this again. With the exception of Boom Chocolatta, this is the best core ice cream that they’ve ever come out with so far. It was sheer delight eating this and I would gladly eat this again any chance that I get.

With sincerity I can say that I look forward to not only trying the remaining new core ice creams that they come out with, but also all of the other culinary adventures that the revival of this junk food blog will bring me. As always, any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks for reading.