Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nitrogen Coffee: Never Again

Iced coffee, hot coffee, frozen coffee, instant coffee – never have I ever had any trouble ingesting more than enough of this stuff. On the contrary, most of my waking hours particularly in the evening are spent fighting myself from having a fifth, sixth, seventh cup. It’s only a matter of time before Dunkin’ Donuts starts offering direct deposit for my paychecks anyhow. One less transaction in my life.

You can only imagine my curiosity when I read about Nitrogen Coffee in the news one day. Talk about reinventing the wheel here. Nitrogen Coffee is described as an iced coffee which is served on tap. From what I have read, this beverage is treated with nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide and kept under high pressure. Normally I get about five or six cups in a day, so this sounded like a welcome addition. Searching my area, I was only able to find this drink available in Manhattan and surprisingly, I only head down there a handful of times per year. Hearing news that this was also available in Pittsburgh, PA where I was lucky enough to visit this past weekend was music to my ears.

Yesterday morning before our return trip home, my Sister and Brother In Law went with me to 21st Street Coffee in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. The neighborhood was really cool, industrial yet full of food. Walking into the coffee shop, it had high ceilings, local art and nothing but beverages. Admittedly, I had no idea what to expect. The drink came in two sizes and as it was my first cup of the day I went straight for the large.

As the barista poured my coffee like it was actually a beer, I noted that there was a foamy head on top to mirror the real thing. I got a serving of 2% milk on the side because the place didn’t carry skim. It should be mentioned that I had really high expectations for this Nitrogen Coffee, but I actually didn’t even end up drinking 25% of it. Between the creamy foam and the abundance of bubbles, I found the drink to be off putting. Adding as much milk as I could, even that didn’t seem to help. This was way closer to tasting like a Guinness than a regular cup of Joe.

It seems to be a really trendy drink and it was certainly on the smoother side as opposed to acidic. This drink is something to try if you like beer in the morning or to say you did it, but I don’t think I’d advise anyone to try this first thing in the morning. Ultimately I left and went down the road to get myself the real thing. I don’t want to rag on a new trend that I was particularly excited to try, but even if it was free I would pass up drinking another glass of this stuff.  

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