Thursday, September 3, 2015

Anything but Basic: Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M's

You know what I hate? Popular slang. Two weeks ago a friend of mine called me a “basic bitch” after I said that I was excited for Pumpkin Pie Dairy Queen Blizzards this fall. At the time I had no idea what that meant and my first thought was, “There’s nothing basic about how bitchy I can be,” but now I have further information and since when did enjoying seasonal eats with enthusiasm become “basic”? Usually I am behind by at least six months on whatever is current (I still pay people with checks) and I think I will gladly be the most basic of bitches, so long as this bitch’s basic belly is filled with anything pumpkin.

There were a lot of things about 2014 that impressed me, but one thing that fell a little short for me were Pumpkin Spice M&M’s. While I only managed to have a handful, I remember some type of a spicy burning aftertaste and I would go to great lengths to avoid having a similar experience again. I’d consider biting into a handful of potpourri before eating those on another occasion. At least then I would have a funny story.

Hearing that this year’s edition of M&M’s would become Pumpkin Spice Latte, I was a quick forgive. My hands were ready to leave the melting to my mouth. "Sign me up!" I thought. On my first trip to Target after reading about them, I was delighted to find a large bag available for purchase and I was surprised that the bag was so lackluster. Where are the leaves? Why is this so beige? Why does this “candy coated woman” look so blasé? If she’s not impressed, then my hopes were already dashed.

Opening the bag and taking a whiff, I could smell the sweet candy scent of any M&M’s that must be attributed to the coloring and the shell. My nose was also able to detect a tease of a coffee smell, but the pumpkin could not yet be detected. Let me be clear, I am better with my mouth than nose, without a doubt. The coloring chosen for these were reminiscent of fall leaves and the actual size of the M&M’s were a little larger than your typical M&M’s.

It’s not too hard for a company to flavor something and market it as pumpkin. Add some sugar and allspice and basically that candly effervescent scent and flavor will tell your palette it’s pumpkin. The best part about these is for certain the latte flavor, which was particularly strong. I found the pumpkin to be a smooth supplement to the taste. Biting into these, as the center is larger than normal, the shell to chocolate ratio is less but in a way that makes these seem to be a bit fudgier to bite into than normal.

These candies would fare well with a nice cup of steaming hot coffee. Maybe the woman on the wrapper was not impressed by the contents, but I certainly was. I found these M&M’s to be particularly enjoyable and I am hoping to eat them again before the season is over.


  1. Please have some for me. They sound yummy.

    1. How about when we get together, we eat some of these? Let's not pretend like you were too shy to have that nutella in your purse last time. Xoxo