Monday, July 20, 2015

The BEST thing I have blogged about this year: BLVD Tasty Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream

It was bound to happen sometime. Late last Friday night when all of my peers were either out at the bar or sitting home with their screaming children, I was that woman sitting in Whole Foods eating a pint of ice cream. As people walked by, I could hear their thoughts, “How sad, that woman can’t even wait to get home before she starts eating her pint. She must be an addict”

Here it is. I’ve arrived. What the onlookers probably didn’t know was that this pint was the best tasting thing I have ever blogged about. Heard that? I already know that I won’t be able to articulate well enough how phenomenal this ice cream was and that’s probably for the best because I don’t want everyone buying it all up.

When it comes to cheesecake, it’s not my favorite. About once a year I get a really strong craving for it, have a slice and then that itch is scratched for a time. About a month ago I started to feel the hankering. Whole Foods has a really interesting selection of food, but what I don’t like is that so much of their freezer isle is now Vegan. Cutting out animal products is a beautiful thing for people who choose to live their life that way, but what about the rest of us? Please don’t give away all of my dairy filled freezer space, Whole Foods. Just remember who loved you first.

For no reason more than the surprisingly slim pickings, I choose “BLVD Tasty Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream”. To start, I took issue with the fact that tasty was in the name. It makes me disgruntled that no matter the outcome, I will have to refer to it with that adjective. With the exception of that potential misnomer, I enjoyed the packaging. It looked clean and attractive to me and it was easily the longest that I’ve ever stared at a pint, sitting at that table in Whole Foods, avoiding eye contact with onlookers as I dove into the pint like there was no tomorrow.

The ice cream is described as fudge brownies in cream cheese ice cream. Cream cheese is one of my favorite things and I was intrigued that this wasn’t called cheesecake ice cream. There is absolutely nothing “cake” about this. One of my favorite parts of this pint was the consistency of the ice cream itself. Simply, it was like whipped, frozen cream cheese. That was it. It wasn’t overly sweet and it was maybe even a little icy but the mouth feel was like biting into a cloud in Heaven.

This is bold, but I would give this an award for being top 5 ice creams I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. I’ve had SO much ice cream, so I can’t stress how much that means. Sorry Ben & Jerry’s, there’s a new love in town.

To note, the brownies were more of an afterthought. They weren’t frozen solid which was nice, but they weren’t a deep chocolate flavor either. They were good in the way that eating decent French fries with the world’s best burger might be. There was no way they could even compare to the star of the show here. There were tiny pieces of brownies spread throughout the ice cream and a few larger chunks here and there. Either way, they didn’t bring all that much to the party but I didn’t mind.

If you enjoy rich cream cheese, then this ice cream is for you. You won’t regret it. Stereotypes be damned, this ice cream is worth any stigma of being that lady who spends her weekend nights downing 1,600 calories in ten minutes of ice cream in public places. You’re welcome.

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