Wednesday, July 1, 2015

On Fire: Crunchy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

I’m awkward. There’s absolutely no way that I will be able to write an entire review about Crunchy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos without saying some unintended x-rated awkwardness that my one or two regular readers will undoubtedly pick up on. Really Frito-Lays? We couldn’t have called these Spicy Crunchy Cheetos and then called it a day?

Fighting the flaming hotness is futile and somebody probably should have told me this pertaining to social interactions as early as middle school. Don’t let my puffy hair fool you, when it comes to Cheetos, I would pick crunchy over puffed any time. Knowing that, before even trying these I took the guess that adding heat (which I like) to crunchy Cheetos (which I like) would equal something that I like; thank you Lincoln Titus Elementary School for that basic math principle.

11:30AM EST and lo and behold it’s time for some chips. As you can see from this photo, the Cheeto itself is thin and long, looking nearly identical to the standard crunchy Cheeto. You can’t have a fire without a spark and the heat from this thing is the red powder dusted on the surface. Just like with the original, the powdered cheese and in this case “powdered heat” ends up all over your fingers, so you’re licking them clean with a remaining slight tint of red. I love this. I forgot how detectable eating Cheetos was because of the way it dyes your fingers the color of the chip as a part of the aftermath. Natural food never does that for you. +1 point for processed foods.

Unlike every other food that I’ve reviewed for this blog, the second the Cheeto hit my tongue I detected the heat. It should be mentioned that I had just finished a container of plain Greek yogurt and the person with whom the bag was shared said that the heat was more of a slow build. I have to wonder if my cool snack prior had anything to do with it. Being a fan of heat myself, I thought that these chips were adequately “flaming”.

Something else that rocks about these was  the way the bag came more filled than your typical chips bag. In general, Cheetos are pretty well known for delivering in this way. The labeling said that there were 3.5 servings in the bag and that was a gross overestimation of servings as serving size suggestions typically go.

Overall these were good and delivered the heat promised. I have a lot of love in my heart for chips in general. Cheetos are not my go to chip, however if they were available, I would gladly eat these again.

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