Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bacon + Chocolate Ganache = Trader Joes Uncured Bacon Ganache Bar

Being a big reader of blogs myself, I was more than a little enthused when reading about the availability of a chocolate ganache bacon bar. I’ll take chocolate any way I can get it, but I am most certainly partial to ganache. Generally speaking I like the cacao count high and my cake to be flourless. If somebody around here would melt fudge directly into my open mouth, that would be optimal.

Trader Joe’s has introduced an Uncured Bacon Ganache Bar, which is 70% cacao and is described on the labeling as “A rich combination of dark chocolate ganache and a hint of smoked salt.” About five years ago, I remember when the chocolate and bacon combination really took off. What was first unique and boutique is now simply good. The basic principle of life: take two good things and combine them and they’re even better.

What I liked about this bar is that it was not at all what I was expecting. Originally I figured that it would be a dark chocolate bar with pieces of bacon dispersed throughout and maybe some sea salt sprinkled on top, but it was so much more complex than that. Reading the nutritionals, I was surprised to see that this bar, which was not small – albeit light was only two servings. That was encouraging. I never feel bad eating two servings and the guilt starts to set in at three.

Opening the packaging, you can see the eight neat looking dark squares and you don’t even know what you’re in for. I was surprised to see that the smoky salt was not at all on the outside of the bar. My curiosity raged on. Taking a bite I was shocked to find that each square was actually a thin layer of chocolate over a very liquid center. The filling had a mouth feel which was very fatty and tasted is of chocolate, bacon and salt. There were no legitimate pieces of bacon, which led me to believe that much of the bacon taste came from liquid bacon fat. Written, that sounds gross but in your mouth it’s luxurious. There were maybe one or two tiny bits of bacon in my entire bar experience. There was a smoky and smooth taste to the liquid chocolate, providing complex flavor waves.

Besides the uniqueness, the best part of this bar for me was the actual chocolate. It had a high quality taste and was particularly dark for only 70% cacao. This was the type of bar that wouldn’t replace my regular chocolate fix, but it was enjoyable and certainly a conversation piece. It would have paired nicely with vanilla ice cream, because the filling was a bit syrupy in nature. Hats off to Trader Joe’s for continually coming up with new decadent items to blog about. Keep them coming.

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