Friday, June 12, 2015

First Bite: Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel

It’s June and a Friday and that means that my news feed is filled with friends bragging about their “Summer Fridays” where they are either off from work of working half days. So your job has some perks and good for you. Do you know what my job has? Apparently my job has limited time candy available in our vending machine before it hits shelves across America on a national scale. That’s right. You read that correctly. Please don’t all apply to the company that I work for all at once.

Every night I read two food blogs like it’s the news or some type of Bible and my interest was piqued when I discovered that there is a new limited edition Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel coming in July. Second to Reeses, Milky Way is my favorite type of candy bar so naturally I knew that I was going to have to try this. My office has a vending machine in our break room that doesn’t really see too much action. When I walk by, I always take a look but I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually dropped a few coins into that thing.

Yesterday I just so happened to walk by the machine and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the landscape changed. Was the Twix situated a little higher? Was the stock just a little bit fuller? No. Well maybe that could have been the case, but I wouldn’t know it because I was too intrigued by the appearance of a wrapper that I had never seen before. Do not bother to ask me how, but the vending machine Gods were smiling down on the package food groupies of Stamford, CT. It was June 11, 2015 and this limited time pre-release candy is in our vending machine, so good luck topping that.

This new candy bar features marshmallow nougat topped with a layer of caramel that is then covered in milk chocolate. The label itself is white and you almost can’t read the caramel part because of the way the wrapper is folded. It’s a clean looking label that apparently is supposed to be indicative of marshmallow and I will explain a bit further into the review why that’s entirely appropriate.

So let’s get to it. As a woman who loves her Milky Way, I wasn’t able to associate the flavors here with the traditional version. The nougat mentioned in the description was completely undetectable to my eyes, as well as my palette. Upon first bite, I felt like I was being slapped in the mouth with marshmallow; so strongly in fact that I wasn’t even able to taste the chocolate which coated the bar. The marshmallow itself was very melty and far from solid. It impressed me that the bar stayed together as well as it had in the wrapper, most likely from the chocolate shell alone.

Normally not being much of a big caramel fan, I can say earnestly that it was a very welcomed addition to breaking up the profound marshmallow taste. To be frank, the sweetness of the marshmallow completely overwhelmed me. For me, the bar would have been better with a greater proportion of caramel, any detectable nougat whatsoever and far less marshmallow. I always find it very ambitious when companies re-do their big common candy bars, because any variation will have to be pretty impressive to be appreciated by the regular fans. What I would like to do is to think of a creative way to get this candy bar to a campfire and turn this candy bar into the chocolate and marshmallow of a smore. Yes I would.

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  1. Marshmallow, Ick. That will spoil a wonderful candy bar. If it is not broke, don't fix it. Try the mini Milky Ways frozen. Frozen puts a whole different twist on a super candy bar.