Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chapul Thai Cricket Bar

Having fully recovered from trying the first flavor of the three cricket bars so kindly provided by Mr. Justin Steele it seemed fitting to crack open the second. I can’t pretend to speculate about the shelf life of ground crickets, but as with any snack, I assume the fresher the better.

The second flavor to try was the Thai Bar, described on the packaging as flavored with coconut, ginger and lime. Being a dedicated fruit hater, I would actually prefer to eat crickets straight up than to have to sort through an array of tropical natural candy, but in the spirit of being gracious, here’s the review.

Once again, I am blown away by the nutritionals. I would guess that since I know it contains insects, this bar, which contains 190 calories seems to last FOREVER. Having shared this with about a dozen people, the remainder seemed to hang around my desk for hours. I can look at a scoop of ice cream and somehow ingest far more calories in a matter of seconds. The bar itself is dense and moist and it feels like a lot of mass for the calorie count if volumetrics is important to you.

The biggest difference in this bar from the first is the texture. Unlike the first, which was gritty in texture and contained at least one leg, this bar was smooth and moist. The ingredients list cashews, as well as almond butter and you can see from the picture above that the cashews were abundant. The bar contained quite a few non-cricket chunks. The fat of the nuts really makes the bar much more enjoyable and satiating.

If you wanted to trick someone into eating crickets and having no idea, this is the bar to do it with. The fruit did not overwhelm my palate and believe it or not, I would probably eat this again. Even though the coconut was visible, I couldn't detect it.

I was “hoppy” to try the second flavor and I am already curious about the third!