Saturday, March 21, 2015

YES: Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies

Those three little words that every woman wants to hear someone say, “I have cookies.” That was the best news of the day yesterday, when my coworker pleasantly surprised us with Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies. Imagine us all sitting in our cubicles, an impending snow storm looming in our minds, when all of the sudden it’s like by saying this she opened up the shade and let the sunshine in.

So many of my reviews lately have been about foods not quite hitting the mark and it gets discouraging after a while. Where is all of the good food hiding? In short, apparently it’s been hiding at Trader Joes for some time now.

Speculoos Cookie Butter is a lot like the big hair of the 80’s. It’s everywhere, in everything and you don’t even have a chance to figure out if you like it or not because everyone else is doing it. My previous experiences with this brand of cookie butter include the actual spreadable cookie butter (liked it) and the Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Core Ice Cream (tolerated it). Knowing all of this, I was sure these cookies could go either way.

Hate it or love it, I am specific. There needs to be chocolate and/or peanut butter in my dessert for me to like it. Eating anything too vanilla makes me feel lonely and in earnest, that was my issue with the Cookie Core Ice Cream. I have this open mind, open mouth policy – so here we go. The box reads that these sandwich cookies are made of creamy cookie butter spread between two decadent butter cookies. Decadent indeed.
One word: WOW. I loved these cookies. They far surpassed my expectations because of how amazingly buttery they were. If you put the cookie on your tongue, it started to seep butter like it was the best day of your life. Once the cookie crumbled as you chewed, the sweet and gingery cookie butter went to work, adding a real richness and depth to the already satisfying experience.

Some of the cookies had significant cookie butter between the layers and if careful, you could twist them like an Oreo. I would definitely eat these cookies any chance I get. Don't let the imagery fool you; these cookies tasted far better than they look! Chocolate and peanut butter who? These cookies rocked.

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