Friday, March 27, 2015

Dunkin' Donuts Not So Spicy Omelet Flatbread

There are some days when I wonder if I should just get my direct deposit set up to go straight to Dunkin Donuts. More often than not, I find myself standing in the orange and pink store drooling all over myself several times in any given week. They’ve got that coffee I like and since I frequent Dunkin’ so often, I am always particularly interested in their new items. I figure that it has something to do with the Exposure Effect. Another thing that I particularly enjoy is that unlike many other chains that announce their new food items once they’re released, Dunkin Donuts often announces it a few days prior. Who doesn’t want what they can’t have?

There are a lot of people who I hear complain about the quality of eggs in the breakfast sandwiches here and I always wonder what their true expectations are? This is a quick service donut shop and you can get a complete breakfast in three minutes for less than five dollars. You can’t have everything and at least there are no dishes to attend to afterwards. Before I get rolling on my review, let is be known that I do normally enjoy Dunkin’ Donut’s egg sandwiches. I smother my eggs in ketchup, so long as the eggs are hot and the ketchup is Heinz, there’s minimal chance that I’ll be unhappy – particularly if I have my coffee first.

When I read about the Spicy Omelet Flatbread, I thought “Hell yea!” It’s never too early to keep things spicy in the morning and as Dunkin’ described this, it is a spicy omelet made with pepper jack cheese, habanero, red bell peppers and diced jalapenos, served with bacon and white cheddar cheese on an oven toasted flatbread. From the description, I was impressed that Dunkin’ would think to add such spicy peppers into an egg sandwich, knowing what sissies most people tend to be. Since I love the heat, I just looked forward.

What you’ll probably notice most about this review is how boring the pictures are and that accurately sums up what the sandwich was like. While the eggs were heated, it wasn’t enough so that the cheese would melt. You can see it sweating awkwardly in the photo. It’s inharmonious when you combine room temperature thick deli cheese and warm eggs. To add to the discordant experience, the cheese which was described as white cheddar was extremely pungent like a Swiss. If you like Swiss, maybe you’d be pleasantly surprised but I am not the girl for that.

The best part of this sandwich was by far the flatbread which was soft and grainy. You can actually see the grains in the bread itself and it tasted very good. The eggs were shockingly yellow and the peppers were plentiful but surprisingly they did not add any element of head whatsoever. The bacon was amiss for me and added nothing really of value here. It wasn’t crispy and it made me feel sadder than it looked sitting here.

In addition to any type of noticeable heat, this sandwich really needed a sauce. How can you have so many ingredients, BIG BOLD INGREDIENTS in this thing and still create such a lackluster experience? Save your money and eat donuts instead.

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