Monday, February 2, 2015

So The Best Thing Ever Happened: Ben & Jerry's Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core Ice Cream

If you have read my previous Ben & Jerry’s review, then you know how I feel about their ice cream. I love it. For God‘s sake, I moved to an inconveniently located town with a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop and the nearest Ben & Jerry’s location to this is at least 15 miles away. This company isn’t shy about mixing in the good stuff and apparently they are working double time to come up with even better ideas to tantalize the consumer’s palate. After having featured their core flavors last year, perhaps to be elaborated and reviewed at another time, they announced the introduction of their Cookie Core line in 2015. Oh yes, they did.

To find these, I went to Target, Walmart, the A&P and each time I came up empty handed. This past Saturday, on my way home from visiting my Mother – it dawned on me. I LIVE IN A TOWN WITH A BEN & JERRY’S SCOOP SHOP, HELLO? Perhaps the sugar in my diet has warped my brain over time, but the idea is always better late than never. For anyone who has never visited the Mount Kisco location, they have one little freezer. Not seeing them and not being too shy to inquire, I asked for it. I was hit with pure elation when the girl working behind the counter, young enough to be my daughter came out from the back holding one pint of each three new flavors. While polite, I could tell she was amused by my beaming smile over this and I thought, “Oh Hun, when you’re my age, this is what you have to look forward to.” Twenty one dollars later, I left with a lighter wallet, a heavy paper bag and all of the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. 

Get ready for me to rock your world. I decided to try these flavors in order of what I thought I would like least and work my way to the one I was the most excited for. That being said, the first pint to be reviewed is Boom Chocolatta, described by Ben & Jerry’s as Mocha & Caramel Ice Creams with Chocolate Cookies, Fudge Flakes & a Chocolate Cookie Core. As somebody who is writing a food blog, you would think I could be familiar with what mocha is, but all I know is that it’s something between coffee and chocolate and I don’t hate it. Generally speaking, I am not a huge caramel girl so like I said, I had moderate expectations for this ice cream. After all, there is no peanut butter. 

Opening the lid, the chocolate cookie core was already peaking at me, waiting to be accessed. I really liked this. It allowed me to spice up the caramel ice cream, which admittedly was the weak link in this pint. The mocha ice cream was velvety, mousy and certainly more chocolate than coffee. I thought I liked mocha okay, but no – I LOVE IT. The cookie core is a grainy darkish chocolate cookie that tastes like it has butter mixed in. It’s a very soft core, but not doughy enough to be cookie dough. It is “last meal good”. 

One should note that it took longer to write this brief review than it did to polish off the pint of this stuff. I am going to say this and you are going to need to trust me; this is the best ice cream I have had in over a year’s time. If you know me, I have ice cream most days. I love it, live it, it’s my family, whatever. This is the best thing I have reviewed so far out of all food types as a part of this blog. If there was a star rating scheme, it would get the highest rating. Eat this, then eat some more. I know I will be.

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