Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: Fiber One Mint Fudge Brownies

I love it when junk food lies to me. It’s a guilty pleasure being led down a less than truthful path, falling for the masquerade of junk food disguised as a healthy snack. Extra grams of fiber you say? Doctor Oz says we all need more fiber, right? Since I don’t touch The Fruit, maybe these Fiber One Brownies can help. The only way to know is to try and if trying involves getting mint chocolate chip into my mouth, then it’s time to saddle up.

Based solely on convenience, I have in the past tried the majority of Fiber One’s offerings. Sure, there are nearly one hundred ingredients in each one, but my life is on the go and a fiber filled junk bar seems more justifiable than a regular packaged snack bar. But brownies? Isn’t this more obviously a dessert than a snack? Too much thinking and my belly starts to get hungry.

As we approach the month of the Shamrock Shake, I am all too happy to participate in mint chocolate flavored anything. Walking down the grocery isle, seeing a six pack of 90 calorie brownies, I wasn’t overwhelmed by my fear of commitment. The first thing I noticed picking up the box was that it felt like there was absolutely nothing in it. From the earliest point, my expectations were managed.

Looking at the photo, you can see this brownie is quite small. Be warned, the photo is still deceptive and objects are much smaller than they even appear here. Think about a slightly larger Ritz cracker. My biggest complaint about these brownies is the size. Size does matter, but it really is no major issue to unwrap two of these in one sitting and they are so enjoyable that it’s certainly worth doing just that.

If you can get past the unnatural green color and the suspect moistness of the brownie, and I sure can, then these rock. The morsels you see here are mint flavored and they are generously spread throughout. Not only do these taste good, but I really don’t feel guilty eating them because in my mind they are fulfilling some nutritional need that I otherwise wouldn’t accommodate. What they lack in by not being all natural, they make up for by being all delicious. Limited edition, get them while you can. 

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