Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chipless: Dannon Oikos Mint Chocolate Chip Greek Frozen Yogurt

There are few things I hate more than telling myself, “No.” I want what I want, when I want it and that’s been universally applicable through my entire life. Since the majority of my life includes dessert, I look to avoid having to use my non-existent portion control in certain regards. One block of cheese, one bag of Baked Lays, one is the serving size. With the right show on, I could sit down on the couch and eat an entire box of cereal without realizing I’m consuming much of anything. One is the most convenient number.

On a normal day, I would pick quantity over quality without question. Not being a big fan of Greek Yogurt, I have tried some other flavors of Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt and not minded them much. In terms of ice cream, mint chocolate chip is one of my favorites, so I was interested in trying Oikos’ rendition of this. To be clear, the best part of this ice cream is the calorie count. You can eat the entire pint for 600 calories. Usually a pint of Ben & Jerry’s has about 1,300 calories so doing the math you could have TWO pints of this frozen yogurt for one Ben & Jerry’s. Volume talks.

Obviously, taste is a huge factor for whether you would even want mass quantities of this stuff. I enjoyed this frozen yogurt, particularly for the light mint flavor. There was no yogurt flavor to be found. The most perplexing part of this pint was that although I could see the chocolate chips, they were entirely flavorless. Truly, there was no chocolate taste to be found.

Either way, I would eat this again on any given day when I am watching what I eat to some degree. I won’t pause to reflect on if “watching what I’m eating” should really include eating a pint of anything. Self-reflection leads towards telling yourself “No” and skipping dessert makes me grumpy. 

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