Sunday, January 4, 2015

"You Can't Make Everyone Happy; You are Not a Jar of Nutella."

Many times, when people are getting ready to visit old friends, they take the opportunity to Google directions to see how exactly they will commute to their visit. That's practical, but it's not delicious. Knowing I would be heading to New Jersey, I silently thanked Andriod for the Google Map App and instead focused my time and attention on combing Yelp. With a bit a luck and the good sense to search the word "nutella" within the town I intended to visit, I came upon the Ridgewood Coffee Company: The Home of the Nutella Latte. That's right. I didn't just make that up from some corner of my heart, or my wildest dreams. The baristas over at this coffee house are whipping up hot cups of heaven, combining some of my very favorite things.

Upon entering this coffee house, it was clear that even at 3PM the good people of Ridgewood were much ready for a cup of the same. This place was packed and I mean not even one seat available kind of packed. Thank God for "To Go" cups. Parking is free in Ridgewood on Sundays and the town is a great place for a stroll. I drove 55 minutes for the latte below and it was worth each mile. 

So let's get to the star of this review. You'll have to forgive the photo, when I smell hot Nutella in my hand - my artistic eye is slave to my ravenous appetite. I was expecting a particularly sweet, hazelnut flavored latte and to my delight, it was not sweet whatsoever. There was a hint of nutella, but it was very much a latte. It had a velvety mouth feel and it was a real treat. This latte was quite good, but like any real nutella purist, I would have preferred a regular latte while eating Nutella from the jar on a spoon.

Overall, worth the visit:
Ridgewood Coffee Company
90 East Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450

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