Monday, January 19, 2015

Calling All "Caffiends": Starbucks Pre-Packaged Iced Coffee

I wake up in the morning and it's not until I have downed two cups of coffee that my brain function starts. People talk vehemently about the dangers of being over caffeinated, but you know what? You want to talk about dangerous, try talking to me before I have had a cup or two. I'm addicted and enough is never enough, so just add that to the list.

Walking down the refrigerated isle at the A&P on Martin Luther King Day, I'm thinking to myself, "Wow this place is crowded and there sure are a lot of screaming kids here. Everybody keeps stopping short in front of my basket to send a text and if I don't have a cup of coffee soon, I might strangle one of these people." And there it was, as if on cue: Starbucks Iced Coffee.

I'm an All American Dunkin' Donuts Coffee kind of gal, but without the option, I will just as easily drink Starbucks. I have always felt it's too fancy and dark roasted for me. No, I really don't want to order my size in another language, particularly if this is my first cup of the day. Having to play along with this makes me resentful and grouchy.

That being said, usually iced coffee is twice brewed and more expensive than a hot cup and I have never seen it prepacked as unsweetened before so I thought, "Why not?" I picked up the bottle, placed it in my cart, and said a little patience prayer as I braved my way to the check out line.

A few cool things to note about this product - the only ingredients are Starbucks Coffee and Absorbic Acid to preserve flavor. I'll get back to this point in a bit, but something else really great is that this bottle was brewed in Purchase, NY. I am all about supporting local products, particularly if they justify indulging in my preferred vices.

Normally I drink my coffee with skim milk and no sugar for the simple fact that if every time I had a cup of coffee which included sugar, I would have long ago been suffering from diabetes and cavities galore. For the sake of the review, I first tried this iced coffee black. When I originally read the label and thought absorbic acid, I was like, "Meh - ugh." But after tasting it, the preservative is needed. The iced coffee is good and I'd buy it again, so let's get that out of the way. If I were to drink a cup of Starbucks regular black iced coffee in store, I'd make a face of displeasure. Girl needs her caffeine, but that's a bitter ride. This store version is much milder, with the faint associated Starbucks taste we all know. Die hard Starbucks snobs will be disappointed.

Want to talk about going from good to great? Adding skim milk and a bendy straw, this glass rocked my world. Looking the bottle over, I see this stuff is good until March. The reality is, it will be long gone by tomorrow. I've tried to make iced coffee at home before, but it's just cold coffee that deteriorates rapidly in my fridge. Next time I will save the hassle and leave it to these experts accordingly.

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