Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back from Mars: Crispy M&M's

2005 was a good year. I graduated high school, R. Kelly premiered "Trapped in the Closet" and Matthew McConaughey was crowned "Sexiest Man Alive." You would think that would make for a pretty good year, but no. Mars had to get involved and discontinue the Crispy M&M. I can't get behind the notion that nobody was eating them, because I know I certainly was. Either way, it's a new year and I am ready to let bygones be bygones, particularly because as of January 2015, these crunchy little delights are back.

The first thing that's different here is the green packaging. If my memory serves me correctly, the original bag was blue. Let's be serious here, it's what's on the inside that counts! The package was light and you can see from the labeling it's under 200 calories for the entire bag. Nobody should need to be convinced to eat these anyway.

The M&M's themselves are even rounder than they appear here. They do vary in color, but these are the two I grabbed for the photo. There's no point in sugar coating this (pun intended), these candies are even better than I remember. I had read before their release on a different food blog that people were Facebook messaging Mars, petitioning and calling and all for good reason.

The best part about this candy? The center is still crunchy upon biting. Since 2005, I have had a few imitations of this delight and the one thing I have found to be consistent is that the center is not crispy. My biggest crime? I take a lot of the foods I enjoy for granted. My stomach thinks this candy will always be waiting for me by the cash register, but I have lost this love once before and I am not going to let it get away from me again. There's never been any doubt about it, an overdue reunion feels good. Welcome back Crispy M&M!

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